St. Chara and Hongfu celebrate their fifth year of strategic alliance

On November 15, 2023, the Hongfu Group and St. Chara Developers commemorated their five-year partnership amidst an atmosphere of great warmth and delight. The occasion was marked by the “VIP Red Wine Private Party,” graciously organised by the Hongfu Group Overseas Business Department in Beijing.

A gathering was organised for numerous high-net VIP customers to exchange information and insights about various aspects of Cyprus, including its business environment, facilities, transportation, education, and tourism. Hongfu Group’s Cyprus real estate projects were presented in detail providing on-site guests and customers with a better understanding of the specific conditions and procedures involved in investing in property, immigrating, and settling in Cyprus.

Ma Yi, General Manager of Hongfu Baode (Cyprus) presided over the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. In her address, she provided a concise overview of Cyprus, focusing on its educational resources and immigration policies. Furthermore, she emphasised the crucial factors that make Cyprus an attractive choice for investment and immigration. With its natural geographical advantages, picturesque landscapes, pleasant climate, and diverse opportunities, Cyprus maintains a friendly relationship with China, thereby ensuring maximum security for investments and residency. Owning real estate assets and a residency permit in Cyprus is a sound choice for individuals and families seeking a European base for living, studying, and expanding their businesses.

Tang Xiaojie, the General Manager of Hongfu Group Overseas Business Department, provided a comprehensive overview of the Group’s successful and diversified entrepreneurial journey over the past thirty-five years, highlighting its milestones and continuous innovation, transformation, and upgrading, including the Group’s most recent real estate developments in St. Petersburg and Cyprus. He emphasised the crucial role of internationalisation in the development of enterprises and affirmed that Hongfu Group will persistently integrate resources, seize opportunities, and forge strong and secure partnerships to continue advancing on the path of international development.

The Keynote speech delivered by Chara Stephanou, Brand Development Manager of St. Chara Developers, deliberated on the significance of Cyprus as an intriguing immigration and investment destination with a panoramic presentation of the country’s key geographical and cultural position. 

Cyprus, an island situated in the Mediterranean region, lies in the westernmost part of Asia and the easternmost edge of Europe. As a modern democratic nation and a member state of the European Union, it is characterised by robust liberal institutions and adherence to European policies and regulations, factors that contribute to its open market economy and an inclusive society. Being an island nation at the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus serves as a common ground for Christian, Muslim, and Aramaic influences to coexist harmoniously; and a place where the Greek, Turkish, and British legacies have left an indelible mark on the society’s language and mindset.

She further explored the reasons behind Nicosia’s real estate market remaining highly competitive in terms of price per square meter, especially when compared to coastal cities and elaborated on the capital city’s significance as the seat of the government and headquarters for many major companies and universities, to ensure the stability and security of investment unmatched by inflation trends observed on the coastal real estate. 

In her closing remarks, Ms. Stephanou focused on the principles that have made Hongfu Group and St. Chara Developers partnership so enduring and successful. She noted that the two companies have a long-standing presence in their respective markets and offer their clients 70 years of combined experience in construction and real estate. Their partnership is established on best practices, using transparency and non-discriminatory sales processes without distinguishing between local and foreign buyers. Their aim is to provide all-round services to their customers without hidden fees and maintain a supportive after-sales service to address any technical and procedural issues. 

Peng Xinbang, the Office Director of Hongfu Baode (Cyprus), delivered a comprehensive and detailed presentation on Hongfu Group’s real estate ventures in Cyprus. He provided an elaborate explanation of the Group’s meticulously chosen locations and explained why Nicosia is an ideal location for investment and residence, since the city boasts exceptional advantages in terms of educational resources, medical services, market environment, and residential safety, surpassing other destinations in these aspects.

Hongfu Group’s developments and joint-ventures alongside St. Chara Developers and their subsidiary companies in Cyprus have produced five real estate projects (Emerald, White Pearl, Chara Residence, Hongfu Residence, and Royal Pearl) to this day. Mr Peng underlined the exceptional layout, distinctive architecture, advanced technical specifications, and picturesque surroundings that define Hongfu’s residential developments in Nicosia. 

The project promotion session ended with closing remarks by the Director of St. Chara Developers and General Manager of HF. Chara Developers, Mr. Ioannis Stefanou. He warmly welcomed the wine lovers present for tasting and introduced selected fine wines from Yiaskouris Winery and toasted to everyone’s good health and longevity. 

He remarked that St. Chara Developers and Hongfu Group celebrate five years of a fruitful and enduring strategic alliance that was established back in 2017. Sharing similar values, philosophies, and goals, has allowed the two companies to enter a trusting business partnership, develop their cooperation further, and solidify their bonds of friendship over the years.

From the outset, their joint real estate endeavors in Cyprus have been focused on providing top-notch properties with enhanced lifestyle features. This has been achieved through the meticulous selection of prime locations in the capital city, ensuring easy access to prestigious private schools and universities, well-stocked supermarkets and medical facilities, vibrant shopping centers, bustling streets, the thriving business district, and catering to the requirements of both local and international residents.

Throughout the event, the atmosphere was warm and joyful, with continuous applause and interaction. Everyone enjoyed fine wine and exquisite finger food and expressed keen interest in visiting Cyprus and considering real estate purchases for professional or personal reasons.

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sergiou featured

Paris Sergious free-flow wall mural for White Pearl

In early November, the young artist Paris Sergiou embraced the challenge of transforming the lobby of White Pearl, our latest residential block, into a captivating entrance that effectively communicates a strong visual connection between the interior and the urban environment.

At St Chara, we hold a strong conviction in the profound impact of art on elevating the vibrancy and worth of a space. Incorporating artworks inside our finished residential projects has been a longstanding practice of the Company, which significantly contributes to transforming our buildings into welcoming and comforting homes.

For our newly realised apartment block White Pearl, we opted for a novel artistic route. In early November the nineteen-year-old painter Paris Sergiou graciously accepted our invitation to create a wall mural for the building’s lobby. His final piece is a stunning, abstract painting attained by free-flowing, two-tonal brushwork over a five-by-two meters wall. The artist’s gestures are irregular, bluntly honest, and energetic. 

Titled “Transformation”, the mural takes up a prominent position inside the lobby and it is furthermore visible from two large openings with unobstructed street views. Through the impactful integration of Paris Sergiou’s commissioned artwork, our aim was to establish a meaningful connection, not just with the building’s tenants but also with the immediate neighbourhood and all the passersby. 

The incorporation of art in the real estate industry has long been recognised for its ability to enhance the appeal and uniqueness of buildings. Integrating art into property development does not only garner community support and appreciation for embracing culture, but it also has the potential to enhance the living experience of prospective buyers who want to feel connected to the spaces where they live, work, and play. 

About the Artist
Paris Sergiou was born in 2004 in Nicosia, Cyprus. From a very young age, he displayed a real talent for painting and a preference for large-scale works. He has exhibited as a solo artist at ARTos Foundation in Nicosia (2020) and has scheduled solo exhibitions at Diatopos Gallery in Nicosia (2024) and Artifact Gallery in Manhattan (2025). Recently, Paris participated in a group show at #topikap.kato in Thessaloniki and exhibited his works at the Alexandria Library. He has also completed a two-week residency at Centro Negra in the Murcia area of southern Spain (AADK Spain), where he painted on site, and a month-long residency at Farm Studio in Rajasthan.

Recommended projects