Quality. Trust. Commitment.

Using modern aesthetics, artistic expression, and functional architecture as our compass, and with an emphasis on building quality and attention to detail, Chara Developers is a steady leader in the field of real estate and land development creating visionary residential projects in Cyprus.

Through our many years of experience in the construction sector and a series of projects which started over 35 years ago, Chara Developers is an established family business, incorporated in 1986, with the aim of innovation and creative intervention in Cyprus’ property sector. 

Our fundamental philosophy is to create residential spaces that serve truth, beauty, and people above all else, and to see our work in the service of a daily life that is bright, comfortable, free, flexible, and full of fun experiences. 

As we look to the future, our integral commitment to building excellence also shifts towards sustainable and environmentally friendly constructions with the help of new designs, upgraded materials, smart systems, and green technologies. 

Our constant supply of high-quality constructions, our consistency in delivery and quick transfer of ownership, the respect for the customer and the environment, have justly established Chara Developers as one of the best construction companies in Cyprus.

Our Services

Venturing into the world of real estate does not need to be a daunting or strenuous task. We have years of accumulated experience and a well-rounded knowledge of the sales process specific to Cyprus and we offer several value-adding services complimentary to our local and international customers.

The Team

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Ioanna Stefanou
Marketing & Communications