Since 1986...

St. Chara Developers is a premier property developer with a strategic focus on Cyprus’ luxury property market. Our proven track record and passion for growth spans over 35 years of comprehensive experience in construction and real estate, and a broad portfolio of high-end and urban real properties.

Our vision is to be a world-class business, acknowledged for its integrity and defined by the quality of the places we create, to generate long-term value and have a positive impact on society. Our mission is to create design-led residential properties of the highest quality for families and individuals in search of homes matching their modern lifestyles, and pave the way for vibrant diversified communities to come together in harmony.

Whether we are building in prime locations or underused lands, we strive for forward-thinking developments that are welcoming, sustainable, nature-rich places where communities thrive and where people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy a great quality of life. Our properties stand out for the intelligent use of design and latest technology, sustainable materials and luxurious finishes, seamlessly blended together to construct environments that offer a relaxed and comfortable experience.

Founded in 1986, St. Chara Developers is a family-owned brand that places our customer’s happiness at the heart of everything we do. We design for living and life with creativity and comfort as our compass.

Our Services

Venturing into the world of real estate does not need to be a daunting or strenuous task. We have years of accumulated experience and a well-rounded knowledge of the sales process specific to Cyprus and we offer several value-adding services complimentary to our national and international customers.

The Team
    Managing Director
    Yiannis Stefanou
      Chief Accountant
      Ioanna Stefanou
        Sales Manager
        Athos Stefanou
          Marketing Operations
          Chara Stefanou

            Project Manager
            Thomas Thoma
              Customer Service
              Maria Nicolaou
                Civil Engineer
                Giorgos Maratheftis
                  Junior Accountant
                  Marianna Herodotou