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Lucrative properties by one of Cyprus’ finest developers...

St. Chara Developers leads a time-honored journey as one of the most respected Property Developing companies in Cyprus, with an extensive portfolio of residential properties under our belt and over 35 years of comprehensive experience in the construction and real estate industry. 

The Company came together as a family-owned business in 1986 and, by the end of 2019, we have delivered 150+ residential developments in Cyprus. To quantify our oeuvre to this date, it’s an average built-up area of 185.000 square meters, 2500 issued title deeds, and over 5000 satisfied homeowners and users. 

We have had more than three decades to establish ourselves as a pioneer urban developer in Cyprus and to associate our brand with construction excellence and secure property ownership. For every unique challenge that we have faced, a unique set of skills has been acquired, that help us stand out from the rest.  

As a family-run company for more than 35 years we embody stability and longevity, and the talent to be versatile and adaptable too. We understand the importance of the client comes first approach and because we are a small company we are more stable, more customer-friendly, and we engender a strong sense of trust in our customers. 

We take pride in decades of proven track record, commitment to deliver, and passion for growth. To qualify our results we work with high-skilled engineers, experienced contractors, established architects, and talented designers to deliver above and beyond. Our work is all about creating something real that will not flame out tomorrow. 

Our mission is to anticipate current and future living requirements while recognizing the uniqueness of different social groups and to satisfy their demand for high-quality housing in central and upcoming urban locations. We understand the importance of a well-executed housing concept that converts into a real property that stands the test of time. But that's not all. 

We deliver beyond property developing. We deliver lucrative real estate in privileged locations. We deliver beyond building work. We deliver construction excellence to last a lifetime. We deliver beyond housing. We deliver ambient homes that fit distinct lifestyles. 

With building activities all around Cyprus, our commitment for over 35 years is to deliver Concept in Design, Know-How in Construction, Quality in Real Estate, Security in Ownership and Guarantee in Investment.

Property Development: Our first and foremost job is to streamline dreamy residential properties taking them from blueprint to key delivery. We satisfy all the legal and administrative services involved in the pre-sale and after-sale stages. 

Property Management: We know very well that property management can be a hassle and it takes time and resources that not everyone has. No wonder our clients trust us with their investment, not only by getting their property from St.Chara but also by letting us take their investment to the next level! 

Property Maintenance: We are the only developer in Cyprus to offer a standard building warranty for two years, and at the end of this period we will stay by your side anything you may need. At the end of the guarantee period, we will be by your side for whatever you may need.