A new method to issue Cyprus property Title Deeds

The modernization and upgrading of the property title issuance system is a crucial step towards attracting more investment interest from both Cypriots and foreign buyers. This development will have a positive impact on the Cypriot economy as a whole and will also alleviate the suffering of thousands of citizens.

To achieve this, a new process has been established that aims to make the application and issuance of title deeds more flexible and efficient. Under this new system, the total time required to complete the application and receive the title deed has been significantly reduced to just three months. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous process, which could take anywhere from one to three years.

The key principle of the new procedure is that all applicants must provide all the necessary documents when submitting their application to the Department of Cadastre and Land Surveying. This ensures that all applications are complete and accurate from the start, leading to faster evaluation and processing. Applicants no longer need to constantly provide additional information, streamlining the entire process.

There are several notable differences in the new procedure, which came into effect on January 2.

  • The external demarcation of the property under development is now required before applying.
  • Private competent surveyors are responsible for providing the relevant building authority with all the necessary documents for the issuance of certificates.
  • The competent building authorities, in turn, will issue both the building permit and the subdivision permit, taking full responsibility for ensuring that the development is carried out in accordance with the conditions specified in the permits.
  • The owners are required to submit any declaration of distribution and other necessary documentation to the Department of Lands and Surveys.
  • The owners will present the consents of the banks regarding the replacement of the mortgages and will provide a statement against the sales documents.
  • The owners in cooperation with the assessment branch of the Department of Lands and Surveys will determine the percentage in the jointly owned building, before submitting the application to the Department of Lands and Surveys.

These measures aim to streamline the entire process and ensure that all applications are handled efficiently and accurately.

If, during the application review process, it is found that all the required documents have not been submitted, the application will be rejected without any notice.

Applications that have been submitted using the existing procedure will be considered according to the procedure currently in use.