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Cyprus Property Investment Portfolio

Making an investment in Cyprus is an appealing option for many investors looking to invest in Europe.  As an island, Cyprus is known for its beauty and strategic location.  Its recent gas finds have allowed Cyprus to become the nexus of potentially spectacular hydrocarbon riches in the eastern Mediterranean.  And, as a full European Union member on the doorstep of the Middle East, Cyprus is soon becoming a regional energy hub.

Investors seeking strong, long term returns, regard Cyprus property investment as a mature market and sound investment area in which to expand their property portfolios. Direct investment in Cyprus will also allow investors (non-Cypriot citizens) and their families to acquire Cypriot Citizenship by Naturalization, on the basis of the Decision by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus dated 19 March 2014.  The relevant law provides for six methods through which an applicant may obtain their Cypriot citizenship and at the same time their EU citizenship.

St.Chara Developers offering a large gainful investment portfolio, feature extremely good prospects which thereby encouraging growth in Cyprus and delivering gains for investors.  The company has over 30 years’ experience in the development  industry, and is an internationally accredited company with a string of awards for quality recognition.