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Entry visa

Travel visa

European and third country nationals may enter Cyprus subject to the Republic’s Immigration Regulations. A list of countries whose passport holders require a visa to enter the country is available here. Russian, Lebanese and Chinese citizens require a visa. European nationals have the right to enter Cyprus with their national identity card or passport and no Visa is required, unless they plan to permanently reside in Cyprus and work in the country. 

Non-European nationals have the right to enter Cyprus with their national passport and a short-stay Visa issued by the Republic’s Consulate Office in their country. The short-stay Visa (Category C) is considered temporary and issued for a maximum duration of 90 days. An applicable fee for the handling of the Visa application is payable to the Consulate. Applications must be submitted in person. However, for those who reside more than 200 miles (300 km) from the Consulate, the applications may be submitted by recorded delivery, including a registered self-addressed, special-delivery envelope, for the safe return of the passport and the documents.

Type of Visa

Visa Fee* (per person)

Airport transit visa (Category A)


Short-stay visa (1 - 90 days) (Category C)


Multiple entry visa, valid for 1 - 5 years (Category C)


Visa issued at the border (Category C)


Group visa


National long-stay visa (Category D)



• One Application form per applicant – completed and signed (download Application).
• 2 passport-sized photographs attached.
• A full National Passport valid for at least six months.
• Provisional itinerary of travel arrangements.
• A confirmed Hotel Reservation.
• Official Letter of Invitation from a Cyprus company.
• Assumption of Responsibility form, completed and signed by the host (download Form).
• Solid evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of intended stay (e.g. travellers cheque, bank statements).
• A recent official letter from the employer, addressed to the Cyprus Consulate with proof of the applicant’s wages. If self-employed, a letter from the applicant’s bank manager or accountant.
• A Bank Guarantee Letter from the host. 

Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Entry Regulations to find out if you are eligible for a Short-Stay visa or Contact Us for further assistance.

F.A.Q. - Travelling to Cyprus and Visa Issues