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EU Passport

Acquiring EU Citizenship

High net worth individuals and investors can be granted Cypriot citizenship if certain criteria are met. The procedure is the fastest one, compared to other EU Countries, vesting the investor with an EU passport in only 3 months. 

Some of the key criteria are outlined below:

-  There is no requirement to reside in Cyprus

-  No donations required

-  An investment of €2.000.000 must be made the investment includes a wide range of investments (property, bonds, bank deposits, shares and more)

-  The investment must be kept for just 3 years and can be sold after the  3 year period expiration however the investor must always maintain the property with the value of at least €500.000

-  Applicant must hold a clean criminal record

-  The parents of the investor may also apply for citizenship after the investor acquires Cypriot citizenship and passport–certain requirements must be met, i.e. they need to hold a permanent privately owned residence in Cyprus of at least €500.000

-  The investor can acquire collectively a residence with his/her parents  provided that the total of this residence is at least €1.000.000

-  The Citizenship by exception applies also to immediate family of the applicant – the spouse and dependents up to age of 28. Property acquired within the last 3 years can be set off when calculating the total investment

-  There is no requirement to pass a Greek language or history test

-  There is no expiration of the citizenship once acquired

-  After acquiring the Cypriot citizenship the investor is not obliged to pay taxes in Cyprus if he/she doesn’t live in Cyprus

-  The successful applicant is granted a Cypriot passport an automatically enjoys full rights of an EU citizen – right to travel freely, reside and invest in any EU country

-  All nationalities are eligible

-  Applicants can have multiple citizenships



Apart from being the ideal island to reside on due to its strategic geographical position and high comfortable quality of life, Cyprus offers:

Tax incentives – the Cyprus tax system complies fully with the EU requirements
Tax rate at 12.5% which is one of the lowest rates in Europe
Stable legal system
No capital gains tax on profit from sale of securities
Considered to be a reputable international business center
Double taxation agreements with 48 countries across the world
High educated work force fluent in English
Stable banking sector



  (All documents must be original, officially translated and properly validated)


1. An M127 application form – completed and signed.
2. Certificate of Clean Criminal Record from the country of origin and the country of residence (if it differs). 
3. Proof of Residence in the Republic of Cyprus: (a) Contract of Sale, (b) Title Deeds/ Receipt for lodging the contract with the Lands and Surveys Department, (c) Receipts for paying the agreed purchase price, (d) Copy of the wire transfer in the Cypriot commercial banking institution in the name of the seller or the seller’s company. 
4. Certificate of Registration of the company/ companies by the Registrar of Companies. 
5. Certificate of shareholders by the Registrar of Companies or certificates evidencing that the applicant is the beneficiary owner of the company/ companies. 
6. Audited Accounts of the company (or companies) for the last three years preceding the year of the application. 
7. If the applicant is a high-ranking senior manager the submission of the employment contract and the receipt from the Department of Inland Revenue is additionally required. 
8. Any other document that might be requested either by the Ministry of Interior, or by the Ministry of Finance.

Application Documents - Download Here

For more information visit the Ministry of Interior link here or Contact Us for further assistance.