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Developing for happy living since 1986.

St. Chara Developers leads a time-honoured journey as a reputable property developer and an experienced constructor of residential, commercial, and resort real estate since 1983. The company came together in Nicosia in 1986 with a mission to meet rising demand in urban and vacation housing while staying adaptable to shifting living attitudes, family-unit paradigms, and realty agglomerations.  

As a family firm, we take pride in decades of proven track records, commitment to deliver, and passion for growth. To qualify our results, we work with high-skilled engineers, experienced architects and talented designers who deliver above and beyond. For 35 years, we come together as a high-calibre team of professionals that follows due diligence, best-professional-practises, and know your client approach.

Aspiring happiness as the force of development, we create beautiful structures dedicated to happy living that exemplify our simple, Key-to-Happy philosophy:

HARA is to be Happy Inside  

HARA is Concept in Design

HARA is Force of Development

HARA is Passion for Growth  

HARA is Commitment to Deliver

HARA is Know-How in Building

HARA is Quality in Property

HARA is Security in Ownership

HARA is Guaranty in Investment

HARA is Happy Living


Our Ten Points on Happiness is the ultimate map of our unique business ethic and here is how:


We deliver beyond property developing. 

We deliver to our customers’ lucrative real estate in privileged locations.


We deliver beyond building work. 

We deliver better living modules to feel happier inside.  


We deliver beyond residential properties. 

We deliver shelter and ambience to stage your lifestyle and happiness.   


We deliver beyond commercial properties. 

We deliver a place to build your brand and opportunities to grow your business.