Premier Property Developers in Cyprus since 1986

St. Chara Developers is a premier property developer with a strategic focus on Cyprus’ luxury property market. Our proven track record and passion for growth spans over 35 years of comprehensive experience in construction and real estate, and a broad portfolio of high-end real properties.

St Chara Vision


Our vision is to be a world-class business, acknowledged for its integrity and defined by the quality of the places we create.

St Chara Vision


Our mission is to create design-led residential properties of the highest quality for families and individuals in search of homes.

St Chara Philosophy


We strive for forward-thinking developments that are welcoming, sustainable, nature-rich places where communities thrive.

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Enduring Brand

We are a premier property developer with over 35 years of comprehensive experience in construction and the real estate industry.

Enviable Real Estate

We create seductive places with a lasting quality at desirable locations to elevate your lifestyle and celebrate your purpose in life.

Forward-Thinking Spaces

We work with renowned industry professionals to combine creativity, innovation and efficiency inside our buildings.

Comprehensive Amenities

We deliver residential spaces that evoke emotions and which are designed to provide the outmost in luxury, elegance and comfort.

Green Environment

We provide sustainable, nature-rich developments using the latest upgraded, environment-friendly materials in our construction.

Value-Adding Services

We are one company with many benefits and we put our clients’ happiness and satisfaction at the centre of what we do.

Absolute Security

We develop and sell real property that is freehold with no encumbrances, offer 2 years building guarantee and separate title deeds.


We are a family-owned and managed brand so you can count on us being friendly, flexible, understanding and accountable.

Essential Principles

We employ integrity and transparency in our business dealings and we want to make sure that such values are incontrovertibly part of our legacy.


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